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storage unit size guide
May 27, 2022

Our Storage Unit Size Guide

Self storage is not always easy. What if you fall on the line of needing a medium or a small storage unit? Printworks Mill Storage can help you make the right decision with our online resources and knowledgeable staff. Read the storage unit size guide below to understand what can fit in our different sized storage units at our Greensboro, NC, storage facility.

storage unit size guide

Self Storage Unit Size Guide

Small Storage Units

If you do not have a ton of items to pack away, your first option is a small storage unit. These usually hold about one room’s worth of contents and are about the size of a closet. They are cost-efficient, and since we offer month-by-month leases, we can guarantee you will never get locked into any long contracts, paying for more than you need. For a small storage unit, pack your largest furniture first, followed by stackable boxes or bins of smaller items. Just make sure ahead of time that none of your large items are too big to fit inside your storage unit. You can fit:

  • Mattresses
  • Small desks and dressers
  • Seasonal items (clothing, holiday decorations)
  • Boxes of smaller pieces

Medium Storage Units

Medium storage units are where you can start to store larger items, like appliances and smaller vehicles. They can hold about 2-3 rooms of furniture. These are commonly used for apartment renters during a move or business owners who are storing inventory. Commercial storage users generally look for indoor self storage to help protect against moisture-related damages. Our medium storage units provide the perfect space to give your business the room to grow. Larger pieces that will fit in a medium storage unit include:

  • Home storage space (basement, attic, closet, garage) overflow
  • Sports equipment
  • Bicycles, motorcycles, scooters
  • Water sports equipment

Large Storage Units

Use a large storage unit to keep your belongings safe while you are moving houses. Climate control is especially helpful if you have wooden furniture, pictures, electronics, or other sensitive items. Look through our available storage units to find an indoor storage unit large enough to store all your belongings. Here are a few other pieces that will fit in a large storage unit:

  • Lawn equipment
  • Patio and dining room furniture
  • Vehicles (ATV, jet ski)
  • Trailer
  • Small boat or other watercraft

Printworks Mill Storage in Greensboro, NC

Rent storage units in Greensboro, NC at Printworks Mill Storage! If you are a student, renting is easy with Printworks Mill Storage. We are close to North Carolina A&T and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro campus. We offer climate-controlled storage units for residential and commercial storing at our storage facility on Fairview Street in White Oak. Keep your items secure through any weather with our indoor storage units. You can rest assured your belongings are protected from North Carolina heat and humidity. The climate control keeps moisture and temperature changes out so you can return to your belongings in the best possible condition. Find the best storage unit size for your needs with our storage calculator online to get started. You can then reserve your storage unit online for future use!

rent storage online - Printworks Mill Storage in Greensboro NC

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