Contactless Storage Rentals in Greensboro NC

Online Storage Rentals in Greensboro NC

Are you a prospective mover or new resident looking for online storage rentals in Greensboro, NC this year? Look no further – Printworks Mill Storage in Greensboro, NC has you covered, offering secure, convenient, and trustworthy contactless storage rental options to the Greensboro, NC area. Our process for contactless storage rentals is simple, convenient, and can be completed from the comfort of your home. Read more below to learn of Printworks Mill Storage’s online storage options!

Contactless Storage Rentals in Greensboro NC

Making Online Storage Rentals Easy

Largely due to the ongoing pandemic, the storage industry has seen an increase in demand for contactless storage rental options. Today, Printworks Mill Storage is excited to meet this demand, providing affordable contactless storage rentals in Greensboro, NC, as well as the surrounding immediate area. Currently, individuals can choose the option to either rent or reserve a storage unit online. Read more below to learn of Printworks Mill Storage’s contactless storage rental process!

How to Rent a Storage Unit

  1. Navigate to Printworks Mill Storage’s storage rental page, select a storage unit, and enter your email address.
  2. Enter the date the storage unit is needed on.
  3. Choose a protection plan, and select a discount if applicable (note: if you choose to use your own protection plan, please email or mail-in a copy of your homeowners insurance declaration page ASAP).
  4. Fill out your contact info and alternative contact info.
  5. Enter your payment info, and review your order.
  6. Process your order. 
  7. You should receive a follow-up email shortly soon after. In that email, click “E-Sign Your Lease”.
  8. Click “Upload Documents”, and upload your a picture of your driver’s license.
  9. Click “Sign Lease”. Fill out and sign all appropriate fields.
  10. Move into your storage unit on your move-in date.

How to Reserve a Storage Unit

  1. Navigate to Printworks Mill Storage’s storage rental page, select a storage unit, and enter your email address.
  2. Enter your contact info, and choose your move-in date.
  3. Select a discount if applicable.
  4. Complete payment prior to your move-in date. *
  5. Move into your storage unit on the selected move-in date.

*No payment is required when making your initial reservation.

Not sure what size storage unit to rent? We’ve got you covered! Use Printworks Mill Storage’s free storage calculator to better determine how much storage space you will need. Simply input the number of items you plan on storing, and Printworks Mill Storage’s free storage calculator will provide you with an estimate as to how much storage space you will need. Use this figure as a reference when considering a storage unit size. 

Printworks Mill Storage’s Commitment to You

Printworks Mill Storage is committed to keeping its customers safe during the pandemic. Subsequently, this facility has pledged to enact several safety guidelines for its renters and employees. For renters safety, plexiglass shields are installed at our office counters, and team members are encouraged to practice responsible social distancing. Additionally, employees are encouraged to practice good hygiene practices throughout their shift, frequently wiping down monitors, surfaces, and points of contact, and washing their hands throughout the day. All store employees are provided masks and gloves, and the facility continues to monitor team member’s health during the day, advising individuals to stay home when sick or feeling under the weather. 

As Printworks Mill Storage we strive to create a safe, responsible, and welcoming environment during this pandemic. Read more of our facility’s commitment in our store’s safety policy guideline

Printworks Mill Storage in Greensboro NC

Looking for affordable storage units in Greensboro, NC? Printworks Mill Storage off of Fairview Street in Greensboro, NC is your answer! Located in the heart of Greensboro, NC, our self storage units are easily accessible, secure, and affordable. Choose from amenities that include indoor, climate-controlled storage units protected by 24 hour digital recorded video cameras, with keypad access at specific entry points. Feel safe and secure storing your cherished items with Printworks Mill Storage this year. Additionally, for your convenience, this storage facility offers month-to-month rental agreements. This is the ideal arrangement for students at the nearby Greensboro College or University of North Carolina Greensboro looking for affordable storage units for their summer or winter breaks. Our team is ready to help you take on all of your storage projects this year. Come by today to start renting self storage in Greensboro NC!

Contact our store manager to inquire about our selection of storage units and see what unit type would be the best fit for you.


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