Refer a Friend for $50 Off Self Storage

When it comes time to move in or out of the Greensboro NC area, let Printworks Mill Storage help you make the transition. Our affordable interior storage units can keep your items safe as you settle into your new home. Save even more ($50 off your next rental) when you refer a friend to Printworks Mill Storage. 

Did you know that there was a rise in the rate of people moving during the first six months of the pandemic? We looked at why below.

3 Reasons People Moved (Away From Big Cities Especially)

  1. Affordability. The coronavirus pandemic brought on a lot of unexpected economic hardship. People lost their jobs by the hundreds, and many had to re-evaluate if paying high city rent was worth it when you could only stay inside your apartment most of the time. 
  2. Support. Many people moved to be closer to their support systems. Young adults temporarily moved back in with their parents, and friends considered quarantining together. 
  3. Safety. It can be hard to socially distance when you are in a densely populated city. Residents had to factor in their own safety when choosing to stay in the city or go. 

Printworks Mill Storage and Our Refer-a-Friend Deal

Two is better than one. When you refer a friend to Printworks Mill Storage on Fairview Street, you each get $50 off your next storage rental. Save even more money on our already affordable climate-controlled storage units. Not sure what size storage unit you need to securely store all your items? You can refer to our online storage calculator or call our office to speak to one of our storage experts. They can guide you through our online rental process, as well as set you up with the storage and packing supplies necessary. Rent or reserve your storage today with Printworks Mill Storage in Greensboro NC!

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