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Printworks Mill Storage: Self Storage Tips

Looking for self storage and a few tips to get you started on the right foot? Printworks Mill Storage is your first choice for affordable storage units in Greensboro, NC, and we’ve compiled a list of helpful self storage tips to help get you started making the most of your storage unit. Read through our guide below and feel confident renting a storage unit at Printworks Mill Storage in Greensboro, NC!

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Self Storage Tips for Finding Space & Packing

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Choose Your Storage Unit 

You have many self storage options in North Carolina. So how do you choose a storage facility—and more specifically storage units—to house your belongings? Start by searching for self storage storage close to your home, work, business, or regular commutes. You are looking for convenience as much as you are looking for product and service.

It’s essential to consider your personal needs when picking your storage unit. Different containers have unique advantages, so you’ll want to select one that meets all of your needs. Drive-up units are a great choice if you’re worried about lifting weight when loading items into the unit; with this type of unit, unloading is as straightforward as it can be since you don’t need any extra equipment! Alternatively, indoor storage has temperature regulation capabilities which provide added protection for delicate products exposed to extreme weather conditions and humidity levels.

Visit Printworks Mill Storage in Greensboro, NC to start getting your items organized today. Located in Guilford County, Printworks Mill Storage is located north of the downtown area, and serves businesses and residents in the White Oak, East White Oak, Woodmere Park, and Phillips Ave neighborhoods of Greensboro, NC. Check online to see our storage facility’s specific storage features, and use our storage calculator to figure out what size storage unit you should rent.  

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Packing Tips for Your Boxes 

1. Prep Before Packing

When loading your possessions into storage, you must treat them with the same attention as you would when packing them away. To keep fragile things safe throughout relocation, use bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or similar padding. Find all of your packing moving supplies at Printworks Mill Storage today. And while you are there, talk with our storage experts to clear up any additional questions you may have before you start renting storage. You can check our Self Storage FAQ to see if your question can be answered instantly! It is important to understand the rules and expectations before renting storage.

2. General Packing Rule: Heavy on the Bottom, Light on Top

Secure your boxes and storage unit by following one essential rule: Stack the bulky, weighty items at the base, followed by lighter objects on top. In this manner, you’re certain that your boxes are strong enough to handle all of the pressure they’ll experience inside as well as outside.

3. Clean & Cover

Before placing items in storage, take the time to clean and protect them so that they remain in great condition after a long period away. To avoid dust build-up, appliances, tools and electronics should be shielded with covers. Cleaning germs and moisture off before covering can prevent damage or unpleasant odors from developing over time.

4. Pack Air-Tight to Keep Out Moisture & Pests

To protect your items from damage, use air-tight containers for packing. This will deter any moisture or insect related issues right away. Valuable and sensitive items such as antiques, clothing, electronics and documents should be placed in these protective storage units to ensure their safety.

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Packing Tips for Your Storage Unit 

1. Create an Organized Layout

Self storage is designed to make your life simpler by helping you stay organized. The most effective way to do this is by packing strategically. Create a path down the middle of your rental unit so that boxes in all corners can be accessed easily, then organize similar items together such as seasonal clothing or kitchen equipment near the entrance for later use. If you plan on visiting your self storage often, keep frequently used items close to the entrance for straightforward retrieval.

2. Utilize Your Entire Storage Space

You are paying for your storage rental, so make the most of the space. If you are storing a lot of items, you may want to consider using shelving for organization and to stack higher in the space. 

3. Don’t Store Perishables

So what can’t you store? Perishables like food will go bad quickly, and when they do, they will begin to attract pests. It is best to avoid this altogether by storing these items in your everyday storage space in your home or business. You also cannot store dangerous, flammable items or money. Check out a more complete list from 

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Vehicle Storage Tips 

When it comes to storing your vehicle for the long haul, you won’t just want to drop it off and walk away. For optimal maintenance of any size car or truck, get an oil change before parking it long-term along with a full tank of gas that has been treated with a fuel stabilizer. Additionally, clean both the interior and exterior thoroughly so dirt doesn’t have time to accumulate when no one is driving it! These simple steps will ensure your ride runs as smoothly as possible upon its return from storage. Follow more of Edmund’s vehicle storage tips.  



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And now that you’re ready to rent storage this year, look to Printworks Mill Storage in Greensboro, NC for all of your needs. Printworks Mill Storage is your first choice for storage units in North Carolina! Choose from amenities that include indoor storage units, climate-controlled storage units, packing and moving supplies sold on site, and more! Call or email the storage facility today, or stop by in person to chat with the team of storage experts at Printworks Mill Storage in Greensboro, NC!