Rent Climate Controlled Storage Units in Greensboro, NC

Looking for the best climate-controlled storage units in Greensboro, NC? Printworks Mill Storage offers all climate-controlled storage at our facility. These offer you the best possible protection for your belongings, regardless of outside environmental factors. Visit our storage facility on Fairview Street to check out our available storage units, or check them out through our virtual tour. Learn more about Printworks Mill Storage and the self storage we offer!

Indoor Storage Units

Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage in Greensboro, NC

A key factor in successful self storage is determining the right features for your storage. Some items are particularly sensitive to moisture and are easily damaged when in a humid environment for too long—clothes, documents, wooden furniture, and more. That is when you turn to a storage facility with climate control. It is a step up from temperature-controlled storage, which regulates only temperature. Renting storage in North Carolina, you will want all the protection from heat and humidity you can get, so find your solution with Printworks Mill Storage today.Printworks Mill Storage Climate Control

Why Rent Climate-Controlled Storage Units?

A climate-controlled storage unit is the ultimate protection for your belongings. Sensitive items like business inventory and antiques are safe from temperature and humidity fluctuations. When some objects reach high heats or are exposed to moisture, they can grow rust or mold, or if they are wooden or similar material, they could misshape. Our number one priority is the safety of your belongings, and we want you to return to them in excellent condition. 

Our storage units range from a few square feet to ones large enough to hold all your household items. If you are unsure what storage unit size you need, you can consult one of our storage experts or our online storage calculator. Both can provide an accurate size recommendation based on the items you are looking to store. Call or stop by our office on Fairview Street for more information!


Printworks Mill Storage in Greensboro, NC

You do not have to look far for affordable climate-controlled storage in Greensboro, NC. Printworks Mill Storage is right off Route 29 in White Oak. Follow North Ohenry Boulevard from downtown, and you will reach our facility next to North Buffalo Creek. We are happy to serve our neighboring residences and businesses, so stop by today. Our indoor storage units are available to rent in person, over the phone, or online.

Contactless Storage Rentals

We know the value in quick and easy storage rentals. That is why we let you rent your storage unit from anywhere! Our contactless storage rentals allow you to browse our available storage units, compare, and rent—all from the comfort of your own home. You can rent you storage unit to move in immediately, or you can reserve a storage unit for a future date. Reservations are free of commitment, meaning you do not have to enter any payment information at the time of reservation and you are far enough from your move-in date to adjust it if necessary. If you choose to reserve your storage, make sure you complete your rental payment before your chosen move-in date. 

Rent or reserve your storage units in Greensboro, NC today

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