Short-Term Storage Tips To Make Your Home An Oasis

Working from home? Make your home an oasis for the whole family using our short-term storage tips! Self storage can make a difference when your home is now the office. Printworks Mill Storage is happy to help you find storage options in Greensboro, NC and solutions for organizing your space. Our temperature-controlled storage facility on Fairview Street in White Oak is conveniently located off North Ohenry Boulevard. And our storage professionals can match you to the right size Greensboro, NC, storage unit for your needs. Check out the benefits a short-term storage lease can have for your home or business.

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Short-Term Storage Tips for Home & Businesses

For Your Home Office

Devote Part of the Kitchen to Your Office, and Make a Standing Desk to Minimize Space

If you are working from home full-time, you may be getting tired of your set-up. Find a space in your kitchen that can serve as a workspace and not get in your way during your everyday activities. Maybe this is a portion of the counter that allows you to stand and work. Maybe you would do better by designating a seat at the table. Do not be afraid to try out different spots in your house!

Organize Your Space & Store Extra Items in Storage

Once you have decided on a workspace, give it a good cleaning and clear out additional items that are in your way. Create a set-up that will serve your work life without disrupting your home life. We recommend storing away objects that you do not use day to day. Self storage can keep your items secure for months at a time, and you still have easy access to them all. 

Add Special Items and Plants to Give Your Office a Relaxed Feel

A workspace is all fine and good, but how about creating a space you actually want to show up to every day? Adding personal touches will take your work-from-home space to the next level and will help boost your mood during those afternoon slumps. Plants are also an excellent way to decorate, as they can clean the air and provide stress relief!

For Your Business

Restaurant Businesses Can Use Self Storage to Create Space in the Dining Room

Depending on the season, your dining room might be functioning at different capacities. Self storage can help you navigate the shifts into open-patio weather and back into the cold. Store extra furniture to keep it secure until it is needed again.

Organize Inventory Off Your Property

If you are a business owner, you do not have to be confined to your small office or shop. Use nearby self storage to help you organize your inventory and equipment, so you can make the most out of your current space. 

Organization and available space are two ingredients to declutter your space successfully. Whenever you need extra space, Printworks Mill Storage is here to set you up with self storage units in Greensboro, NC. You can organize your home or business with the help of self storage today! Find more ideas for making your home an oasis here.

Storing at Printworks Mill Storage in Greensboro, NC

Our Greensboro NC storage facility is open and ready to help you store your valuables! Homeowners and businesses alike can benefit from  some additional space. Printworks Mill Storage offers temperature-controlled options at our White Oak facility. We are fewer than 10 minutes from downtown Greensboro and the University of the North Carolina at Greensboro, making us a convenient storage center for city businesses and students looking for storage in Greensboro NC. Rent your storage solution online today!

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