Where to Get Storage Supplies in Greensboro NC

Are you preparing to pack up your belongings for storage? Printworks Mill Storage can help simplify the process with our resources and services. We offer climate-controlled storage units up to 360 square feet and sell storage supplies on-site at our Greensboro NC facility on Fairview Street to make sure you have everything you need for successful storage. Check out these tips below to start preparing to pack.

1. Wrap Up Breakables Well

When storing breakable objects, like glasses or ceramics, make sure each item ahs enough padding around it to protect it. Poorly padded items can break by hitting into one another in the box or under the pressure the weight. With glasses, for example, you should wrap each item individually and pack paper or cardboard in between them so they cannot crash together. You can use any soft material at your disposal to wrap and pad your boxes.

2. Start Collecting Boxes and Storage Supplies

When is the best time to start collecting boxes for packing? You should start asking friends and family for their extra boxes as soon as you know you will have to pack up. Check the quality of each box as you start putting items into them. Avoid packing them too heavy, as older and larger boxes might break through the bottom. Always pack heavy objects, like books, in smaller boxes to better distribute the weight for safety.

If you would prefer to find new, sturdy boxes, come by our office. We sell boxes and other storage supplies at our Greensboro NC facility, and our staff can help you take the necessary precautions for storing certain items. When you buy our supplies during October, you are helping us raise money for Susan G. Komen for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Pack Up with Storage Supplies from Printworks Mill Storage in Greensboro NC

During October, we are highlighting the storage supplies we sell at our Greensboro NC office on Fairview Street. Thousands of people are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, and we want to help contribute to fighting the disease. Whether you are looking for climate-controlled storage or just need more packing supplies, come by our office. Stop by today and rent storage units in Greensboro, NC at Printworks Mill Storage!

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