Why You Need Climate-Controlled Storage

Looking for more space? Printworks Mill Storage has convenient self storage close to you in Greensboro, NC. Our climate-controlled storage facility on Fairview Street is in White Oak, right off North Ohenry Boulevard. Ten minutes from downtown, we are an affordable solution for every storage need, from a one-time short rental to a long-term business storage stay. Check out our Greensboro storage units online to find a storage unit that will work best for you!

What Is Climate Control?

What makes climate control different from traditional self storage? Completely indoors, climate-controlled storage is the ultimate protection for your items. These storage units maintain a certain temperature and humidity level in order to ward off moisture. When moisture finds its way into storage units, your items pay the price. The last thing you want to see when you open up your storage unit is mold or mildew. Similarly, extreme and fluctuating temperatures can risk damage to your items. Wooden furniture expands in heat, leather can tear, and electronics are already so fragile. Do some research to see if the items you are looking to store are sensitive to temperature. If you plan on storing long-term or as the seasons are changing, consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit. Look through our self storage selection online!

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Who Needs Climate-Controlled Storage in Greensboro, NC?

College Students

Greensboro is home to a number of higher education institutions, making Printworks Mill Storage your convenient choice for student storage. We have affordable self storage options starting at 25 square feet. At about the size of a walk-in closet, our smallest storage units are excellent solutions for Greensboro, NC, students who want to store their items for a summer or semester break. Keep your clothes and furniture with us until it is time to move them into a new dorm or apartment.

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Local Businesses

Printworks Mill Storage is only about 10 minutes from downtown and all its restaurants. Local businesses can take advantage of our climate-controlled self storage in Greensboro, NC, to give themselves more space to serve their customers. Restaurants can store tables and equipment, and brick-and-mortar shops can use storage as a warehouse to free up space in the store. In reality, businesses can never have too much space. Give your business the space it needs to grow, and see the difference for yourself!

Homeowners & Renters

Clearing space in your closets, finding temperature and humidity control protection for your sensitive items, moving to a new home. Whatever your storage need, we can assist. Our quality indoor storage units offer a secure environment for your belongings, and our location makes us convenient for easy access. Stop by our climate-controlled storage facility on Fairview Street in Greensboro, NC, to talk to a professional about what we can do for you.

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Printworks Mill Storage on North Ohenry Boulevard in Greensboro, NC

Start Storing with Printworks Storage Today!

Printworks Mill Storage is one of Greensboro’s best multi-level self storage facilities. Located in White Oak off North Ohenry Boulevard, we also offer convenient storage for our neighbors in Brown’s Summit, McLeansville, Summerfield, and Oak Ridge, NC. Our storage facility is climate-controlled to ensure your items stay secure and in top shape until your return. Find affordable options for all your climate-controlled storage needs in Greensboro, NC, at Printworks Mill Storage.

We want renting self storage to be as easy for you as possible. That is why you can rent your storage unit in person, over the phone, or online. Our contactless storage rentals allow you to browse and choose your storage from anywhere. But you always have easy access to our storage professionals. They can answer any of your questions and give you sizing recommendations if you are unsure how much storage space you need. Rent or reserve your storage unit online today!

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